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Therapeutic Recreation

Come and visit! When you step into Forest View, look around, you will see pictures, photos, and crafts everywhere, all attractively arranged by our first-rate recreation department,who delight in creating a warm, inviting facilityfor our residents and their visitors.

We work hard to improve the social and emotional well-being of our residents, and provide dynamic, interesting, and meaningful recreational activities. Our activities engage our residents and are always visually appealing and motivating, and patients have a chance to interact with each other and express their creativity. We also work closely with the other therapy departments to help residents get full therapeutic benefits from their recreational activities.

We plan a different theme each month, and highlight the theme with educational activities, music, games, decorations, art history and music history. We hold month-long celebrations of familiar celebrities’ birthdays where we show the movies and/or play the music of the celebrity of the month.

Other activities include crafts, summertime rooftop barbeques, holiday parties, and a fashion show. We are very community-oriented and have an excellent reputation within our community. We host an annual block party where community members join us, and our residentsmeet new people, enjoy the neighborhood children, and have a relaxing, enjoyable time. We also offer weekly barber and beauty parlor services.

Our recreation department is located in our large activity room in the penthouse, overlooking a beautiful rooftop patio filled with flowers and a wonderful New York skyline. Members of the recreation staff at Forest View speak several languages, including English, Spanish, Russian, and Hebrew.

Recreational Activities


We plan regular, recreational trips for residents who are able to attend, including residents with disabilities. Examples of trips our residents have been on include theater visits to shows such as 'Fiddler on the Roof' and 'A Wonderful Town'.

Other outings have been to restaurants, Barnum and Bailey Circus, the New York Aquarium in Brooklyn, Coney Island beach, and even to Rockefeller Center to see the holiday lights.

Social Events

Our residents enjoy an active social life, with cards, games and get togethers all month long.

Holiday Celebrations

We invite families and friends of our clients to join us in the celebration of many holidays. Together, we enjoy dinners and entertainment throughout the year.

Staying Connected

We have a well equipped computer lab, stocked with therapeutic games and recreational software, and wifi /internet access. Our circulating library has an assortment of video and audio cassettes, books and magazines available to all residents.

Celebrity of the Month

Celebrity of the Month Movie night, a favorite with our residents!

Residents' Council

The Residents’ Council allows residents to voice their concerns and participate in decision making about areas that affect their daily lives, both within the facility and in the community.

Membership in the Council is open to all residents of the facility, and officers from among the residents are elected annually.The Council meets as often as the residents deem necessary, currently once a month. At each meeting, a designated representative appointed by the council coordinates the Council, and members of Forest View’s supervisory staff are invited at the request of members.

The recreation director and the director of social services serve as liaison persons between the Council and administrative staff. Administration ensures that any complaints, problems or issues reported by the council are addressed. Residents can also plan trips, entertainment, and choose meals through their elected representatives.

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